Canine Brucella Ab


What is canine brucellosis? and what causes it.

Canine brucellosis is an important cause of reproductive failure in dogs, particularly in kennels. Canine Brucellosis is caused by the bacteria Brucella (bru-CELL-a) canis. Dogs and humans can be affected. Canine brucellosis occurs in a number of countries all over the world.

What animals become canine brucellosis?

Dogs are the main animal species that can be infected by Brucella canis. However, other animals can be infected experimentally.

How can my dog become canine brucellosis?

In dogs, brucellosis is usually spread through contact with infected tissues and birth fluids (for example, placenta, aborted fetuses, fetuses fluids, and vaginal secretions). Canine Brucellosis can also be transmitted by contaminated objects (fomites) such as bedding, equipment, clothing, or shoes, Bacteria can also be
found in milk, blood, and semen of infected dogs. The entry of bacteria can occur through ingestion or direct contact with mucous membranes (eyes, nose, mouth), or breaks in the skin.

Does brucellosis affect my dog?

Brucella Canis causes reproductive problems (for example, miscarriages, stillbirth, infertility) in dogs. Other signs may include swollen lymph nodes, behavioural disturbances, lethargy, and weight loss.

Can I get canine brucellosis?

Yes. However, human infections with Brucella canis are rare. Straight contact or aerosol exposure to infected animal fluids is the main how people get infected from dog brucellosis. People can also become infected by ingesting the bacteria
or by contamination of mucous membranes and breaks in the skin. Brucella Canis infection seems to require close contact with infected dogs or contact with bacterial cultures. people who work with dogs in breeding situations
(for example, breeders, kennel workers, and veterinarians) may be at greater
exposure risk. Infection in people causes flu-like symptoms (fever, night sweats, headaches, Back pain). Arthritis (joint pain) and recurring fevers may occur with long-term infection. Rarely, cases of brucellosis may involve the nervous system and the eyes of the heart.

Who should I contact, if suspected canine brucellosis?

  • In Dogs – Contact your vet immediately.
  • In Humans – Contact your doctor immediately

How can I protect my canine animal’s brucellosis?

Brucella Canis can survive for months in low-environment optimal conditions but can be destroyed by heat and some disinfectants Thoroughly clean and
disinfect areas exposed to infected dogs, their urine, blood, milk or discharges. Keep sick dogs away from other dogs to avoid spreading the illness. Examine dogs carefully they are being introduced to a baby Program to control transmission.

How can I protect myself from canine brucellosis?

Wear protective clothing (gloves, masks) when handling reproductive devices and tissues (helping the birth of newborn puppies). always wash your hands after touching animals.

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