Protein for sport

Molécule après molécule, la faim élimine des cellules les protéines et les graisses ; la faim ramollit les os, tord les jambes rachitiques des enfants, liquéfie le sang, dessèche les muscles, mange les cellules nerveuses ; la fin écrase l’âme, chasse la gaieté et la foi, détruit la pensée, fait naître la soumission, bassesse, cruauté, désespoir et indifférence.

The human body needs a lot of different food to function correctly and to stay healthy. One important element is protein, muscles need protein in order to grow, rebuild or heal. When you do bodybuilding or serious fitness and want to put on muscular weight you will have a bigger need of protein than the average person. What happens when you work out and do heavy exercices is that you muscle will tear itself slightly because it is being used for intense and short efforts. Then when it rests it will repair itself, and because it knows it was not big enough to do that price exercice, it will grow a bit, in order to be able to do that same effort without it tearing. Then when you do the exercice again then same process will happen and thats how basically you gain muscle. However when you exercice you should avoid doing the same muscle group two days in a row, because they will not have entirely recovered. You need to wait for them to rebuild before you can train them again. Otherwise you will simply work an already weak muscle and not help it heal

For your muscle to be able to rebuild as quickly as possible you must eat lot of proteins. Therefore you need a good diet, at breakfast you can eat some bacon or ham. Then at lunch time you should have quite a big portion, and the same in the evening. The best food for protein is fish, although it is expensive and not everyone likes fish, the best alternative would then be chiken and turkey. Both meats contain a lot of protein and little fat. If you do sport you would tend to avoid very fat full meats such as salami. Protein supplements can also be found in fitness shops. Bodybuilders take a lot of these supplements as you cannot eat enough meat in a day to overcome the protein intake need. Although such supplements must not replace meals, because you would then miss key nutritious elements which can only be found in food. Taking these supplements help recover quicker, as the muscle will have more proteins.

However not every body is the same, and not every one will react differently, some will put on a lot of muscle with such methods, and others will hardly see the difference. It all depends on how your biological mechanism is.