• Deserts are a good example, they reach unbearably high temperatures during the day, and extreme cold temperatures at night. These kinds of environements are very difficult to live in.

  • On earth there are a few locations with varied but extreme living conditions. So extreme that there is very little or no form of life what so ever.
  • For a start there is very little water and every animal and human needs water to survive. So only very resistant creatures actually live there. And they need to withstand both extremes, the heat and the cold. Some deserts are so hot, that there is no form of life what so ever, no birds, no snakes, no insects no biologial living organisme, not even bacterias.
  • One of these locations is in Iran, in the Lut desert, due to it’s black rock which previously used to be lave it absorbs even more the sun and is therefore even hotter, it is in that desert that the highest temperatures have been recorded on earth. The second most hottest place in the world is well known, it is the Death Valley in California in the United States. It is expected that due to global warming the temperatures in such area’s will keep rising.
  • Other extreme locations are for example the south and north pole, or certain mountains. Where the temperatures are so low and so is the oxygene level that living beings cannot survive there without equippement. Therefore there is no life. The coldest area’s of the south pole with strong winds can reach a maximum of -80° Celcius, which is enormous.
  • In such conditions water freeze’s nearly instantly. Even polar bears which are known to be very resistant in cold temperatures, do not live in such area’s. Althought it might be due to the fact that there is no prey to feed on.

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