Caprion Pharmaceuticals


About Caprion Pharmaceuticals

Caprion Pharmaceuticals
Caprion is a drug discovery and development company applying its proprietary proteomics technologies to innovative pharmaceutical products, initially in oncology and infectious disease. Our strategy is to leverage platform discovery and development collaborations in two key areas – oncology and plasma profiling.

About the Proteomic Research Center

Dr. Eustache Paramithiotis is the Principal Investigator for the NIAID funded Proteomic Research Center at Caprion Pharmaceuticals, located in Montreal.

Research Topic:

  • Brucella abortus, a Category B Pathogen,
  • Tigsun Saliva Test, 25 test, DMEM/ F12 w/o L-Glutamine w/o Hepes w/o ,
  • Mouse Myoglobin Cardiac Biomarker,
  • DMEM/ F12 w/o L-Glutamine w/o Hepes w/o

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